Combining our resources, DMS provides support to military personnel in all branches of the military throughout Delaware in many ways.  Below are just some of the ways that we help our military members:

  • By aiding military personnel and their families who are experiencing financial hardship such as foreclosure, eviction, unpaid military bills, basic needs;
  • By aiding and supporting the KUDOS program (Kids Understanding Deployment Operations);
  • By assisting Base Leadership in their efforts to meet family needs for Airmen;
  • By helping with dignified transfer when needed
  • By supporting families during the holiday season through the Angel Tree program;
  • By providing assistant to younger aiman to enable them to attend their Awards Banquet and AF Ball;
  • By supporting Operation Cookie Drop;
  • By supporting various Wing or group events, deployed spouses events, and family days;

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A Word of Thanks from Those We Serve


" I wanted to send this, but took some time and found what was really in my heart to share with you. Myself and my family would like to express our utmost gratitude to Mr. Bill Hare and Delaware Military Support for so selflessly helping our family with a very last minute medical issue.

My husband received military orders to report to Alaska. Everyone in our family had to go through extensive medical clearance. During a routine dental exam, I received the news that I had multiple issues that had to be fixed right away in order to receive clearance to travel with my husband and children to our new duty station. As a family of 5, the quoted cost of $9,000 for the dental work was absolutely devastating. While we were so very blessed to be able to pay our bills and to always have food on the table, there was never much room to be able to build much of a savings. The news took a toll on our family. 

My husband soon found out that his squadron’s command had reached out to Delaware Military Support. Then like lightening, I found myself in a dental chair, with a new dentist who had my best interest as a priority, and all paid for by Delaware Military Support. 

As a mother of 3 young children, taking care of myself had always come last, and seeing someone so eager to come to the rescue was more than I could have imagined. I can’t express enough the overwhelming gratitude I feel for everyone involved in making sure I got the help I need. We have now been in Alaska for almost a month, and I can’t help but remember how I got here. Being a military spouse can be a tough job sometimes. Sacrificing, being away from family and loved ones, moving at the drop of a hat, or watching my husband pack his bags for another deployment. Thank you so much for your sacrifice in return, helping those who serve and their families. I can honestly say, we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Mr. Hare and Delaware Military Support. With all my heart, I am forever grateful. 


Meagan Hawkins